Technical Services Ltd (TSL) has over three decades of experience in a range of sectors and markets. Its portfolio includes known brands from the consumer electronics market, accessories, health care and cosmetics market. Although the company was founded on the principles of dealing with consumer electronic products and specializing in the photographic market it has come a long way in effectively diversifying and expanding its brand portfolio.


Technical Services Ltd currently distributes and sells to a network of buyers/retailers from Honduras to El Salvador,Nicaragua, Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana,Bolivia and off course Belize where its Headquarters are located.

Quality service

Our objective is to offer the highest quality service to all our existing clients and future customers.


Technical Services Ltd believes that unbeatable, quick and effective after sales support leaves both suppliers and buyers satisfied whilst increasing retention rate and sales.


Technical Services Ltd is proud to have won numerous tenders in the government, public and private sector. As a result it was able to create a dedicated team to respond to this on going success.


Since 2012 Technical Services Ltd has expanded to include renowned Medical and Pharmaceutical Brands. With hard work and a lot of persistence the company has seen year after year growth and as a result was able to effectively widen its portfolio in a very competitive market.

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Our goal is to grow our brand portfolio in such a way to be able to continuously appeal to this ever changing and ever growing consumer demand. Below we have included a sample of the brands that we are currently representing.

Medical, Health & Cosmetics
Audio & Video

For a more complete product portfolio please send us a message and we will forward your request to the appropriate department.

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Technical Services Ltd Logistics Department is backed by the latest technology systems in Stock Control and Invoicing. The company's Warehouse and Distribution Center of more than 3000 square meters, is conveniently located next to the highway helping it maintain its quick country-wide delivery time of maximum 24 hours. The modern warehouse facilities ensure the proper and safe storage of all its products and its Chemicals Division has its own Warehouse and Distribution Center for the appropriate storage and distribution of the company's stocks to Industries.


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